Odfjell Vineyards Maipo

Odfjell Vineyards Maipo

Odfjell Vineyards MaipoDaniel and Laurence Odfjell have established vineyards in Maipo very recently. By Chilean standards this is a small, almost boutique style of operation with a production of fewer than 40,000 cases a year across their range. Winemaking consultancy input is provided by Californian winery operator Paul HOBBS, as well as French enologist Arnaud Hereu. There is a budget Armador label with a ripe, plummy Carmenère standing out. The Orzada wines are a level up and some very characterful Cabernet Franc, Carmenère and unusually a Carignan stand out. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a touch less impressive. Top of the range are a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Aliara which is full and rich with dark berry fruit and a ripe, chocolaty character and a 100% Carignan, Oddfjell. (DM)

Odfjell Vineyards Maipo
Odfjell Family Camino Viejo Valparaiso, No 7000 PO Box 23, Padre Hurtado
Tel: 56 2 811 1530 Fax: 56 2 811 1245

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