Palliser Estate Martinborough

Palliser Estate Martinborough

Palliser Estate MartinboroughPalliser was one of the early quality leaders in Martinborough with a deserved reputation for Sauvignon Blanc and promise with Pinot Noir. As volumes increased during the 90s quality levelled off while others forged ahead. Nonetheless the wines are consistent and Palliser continues to offer reasonably priced interpretations of varietals from the district. The estate Pinot Noir continues to be produced in small quantities and draws in part on 25-year-old vines. It is complex and stylish with good length if missing the extra concentration and dimension of the region’s best. A very special release, Great Dogs (which has not yet been tasted) is also now made. It is seriously expensive (£G), certainly in a New Zealand context. Pencarrow is a second label and includes soundly made Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Palliser Estate Martinborough
Palliser Estate Ltd Kitchener Street, PO Box 121, Martinborough
Tel: 06 306 9019 Fax: 06 306 9946

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