Paul Achs Neusiedlersee

Paul Achs Neusiedlersee

Paul Achs NeusiedlerseeWith 95% of his production from 23 ha red wine it would be reasonable to describe Paul Achs, a third generation wine grower, as a red wine specialist! He works with Ronny Rebscher to make arguably the most consistent range of quality reds within the vicinity of Neusiedler See. Blaufränkisch, in several versions, and Pinot Noir are particularly good. The top wines are oak-aged, partly in new wood but its use is vintage dependent. Probably the best wine, the Ungerberg Blaufränkisch from a vineyard close to Gols comes from old vines. Aged in in barriques and 300-litre Fässern, it is dense with a creamy, smoky, blackberry intensity and is expressive and well-balanced but needs time, typically 6-10 years’. Altenberg and others have also been produced. A fine Edelgrund version is aged only in used oak but also needs time. New oak (usually about 60%) is used for the complex and intense Pinot Noir and 5 years should e nsure a good balance between oak and fruit. The Pannobile red is a good example too, concentrated and flavoursome with refined tannins – Paul’s blend is from Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. A little Merlot and Syrah are also planted which can find their way into this wine. As well as a decent St. Laurent, the regular Blaufränkisch, and Zweigelt make excellent everyday drinking. A little Sauvignon is made, as is Chardonnay.

Paul Achs Neusiedlersee
Paul Achs Neubaugasse 13, A-7122 Gols
Tel: 02173 2367 Fax: 02173 23677

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