Quinta de la Rosa Port & Douro

Quinta de la Rosa Port & Douro

Quinta de la Rosa Port & DouroThe Bergqvist family took back control of its vineyards in the 1980s, producing their own port for the first time in 1988. Quinta de la Rosa has in fact demonstrated how successful a more estate-centred approach can be (given sufficiently cool storage) and makes a Vintage Port in every vintage (1993 excepted) in the manner of a Bordeaux château. Tim Bergqvist, first with help from David Baverstock but especially more recently working with Jorge Moreira (POEIRA) has steadily improved quality as the extensive winery buildings have been renovated and vineyards upgraded and in some instances replanted. Vintage Port shows the balance and excellent fruit intensity that characterises these ports. In 1999 an excellent single-vineyard example was made from old vines in Vale do Inferno (now replanted). Finest Reserve is essentially a Vintage Character port but far better than the norm, with real elegance and intensity, while a traditional Late Bottled Vintage shows more depth than filtered examples. Quinta de la Rosa table wines are just as important as the ports and both a partially oaked regular example (from Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Tinta Barocca) and more oaky but increasingly refined Reserva impress. Jorge Moreira has produced more seamless wines with better purity and vibrancy. In 2005 Moreira and the Bergqvist family released Quinta das Bandeiras Passegem made in joint venture, a rich fuller-bodied red from a 100 ha estate they have planted in the Douro Superior. Also made are a perfumed white and cheaper white, a rosé and (unwooded) red under the Da Rosa label.

Quinta de la Rosa Port & Douro www.quintadelarosa.com
Bergqvist family Quinta de la Rosa, 5085-215 Pinhão
Tel: 254 732 254 Fax: 254 732 346

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