Quinta do Infantado Port

Quinta do Infantado Port

Quinta do Infantado PortThe Roseira family have been making their own wines since 1978 from 45 ha of vineyards on a small northern tributary of the Douro downstream from Pinhão. João Roseira works with the talented Luís Soares Duarte and all the wines, even a Ruby, are made in lagares and are richly extracted. The incremental addition of spirit results in less being added and an avoidance of the spirit character seen in some Vintage Ports. Infantado’s Vintage Port is powerful, intense and extracted, with more finesse in vintages since 1997. Also made is a traditional (i.e. throwing a sediment) Late Bottled Vintage of great extract and intensity. Needless to say a 10-year-old Tawny is vigorous and refined, unlike some of the rather tired, relatively simple examples that exist. The Quinta also produces table wines and João Roseira and Luis Duarte independently make the table wines of Bago de Touriga.

Quinta do Infantado Port www.quintadoinfantado.com
Roseira family 5085-217 Covas de Douro
Tel: 226 100 865 Fax: 226 100 151

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