R L Buller and Son (Rutherglen)

R L Buller and Son (Rutherglen)

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Buller family Calliope, Three Chain Road, Rutherglen, VIC 3685
Tel: 02 6032 9660 Fax: 02 6032 8005

The Buller family operations include both fortifieds and table wines from wineries in Rutherglen (Calliope) and Beverford in the Swan Hill region. Most exceptional are the outstanding (Rare) Topaque and Muscat from unirrigated Rutherglen vineyards. Made only in very small quantities, there is splendid complexity and superb flavour length as well as sheer age in both. The Premium Fine Old (or Premium Fine) examples are also made in a solera system and have great intensity, complexity and length as well as surprising elegance for the style. Another premium fortified, Premium Fine Old Tawny, more in the style of an aged Tawny Port, has not been tasted. Powerful, robust Calliope Shiraz is also made and other Limited Release reds include Durif and blends styled on the Rhône and Bordeaux. Prices for the fortifieds are keener than for most Rutherglen examples and represent exceptional value.

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