Ratzenberger Mittelrhein

Ratzenberger Mittelrhein

weingut-ratzenbergerOn the basis of recent vintages this is now one of the best two or three estates in the Mittelrhein. The 13.8 ha of vineyards include Steeger St Jost, Bacharacher Posten and Bacharacher Wolfshöhle, all a continuation of the same slopes. There is lovely purity in the Steeger St Jost wines while the best Wolfshöhle wines are stylish and classy with the distinctive mineral, floral and preserved nectarine quality of the Mittelrhein.

An Erste Lage (Grosses Gewächs, GG) version shows real promise, with the concentration to match its strength and structure. Even basic QbAs are decent, a tangy Trocken version better than Caspar R which has marked sweetness to balance the acidity. The very sweet, powerful, intense (and enamel shattering) Eiswein has also been made in an incredibly concentrated 1 Sterne version.

Ratzenberger Mittelrhein www.weingut-ratzenberger.de
Ratzenberger family Blücherstrasse 167, D-55422 Bacharach
Tel: 06743 1337 Fax: 06743 2842

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