Redmetal Vineyards Hawkes Bay

Redmetal Vineyards Hawkes Bay

Redmetal Vineyards Hawkes BayThis small 7 ha estate is property of Grant Edmonds, a winemaker at SILENI and once head winemaker for the VILLA MARIA group. Redmetal refers to the local name for the often reddish, coloured river gravels on which many of the region’s leading vineyards lie. Two-thirds of the vineyard is planted to Merlot, the rest mostly to Cabernet Franc with only a little Cabernet Sauvignon. The main focus is the Basket Press Merlot/Cabernet Franc red, a ripe and structured wine usually better with 3–5 years’ age. Quality is maintained by the production of a more accessible Merlot/Cabernet Franc blend. Alsomade but only in exceptional vintages, is The Merlot, the most recent release 2007 from the Erinview Vineyard. A selection of the very best fruit, it is intense and richly berryish and the classic scent of very fine Merlot as well as a slightly overripe plum/prune component as well as an impressive structure and good ageing potential. A Syrah, a Chardonnay and some rosé are also made.

Redmetal Vineyards Hawkes Bay
Grant Edmonds 2006 Maraekakaho Road, RD 1, Hastings
Tel: 06 879 6567 Fax: 06 879 6717

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