Ridge Vineyards Santa Cruz Mountains

Ridge Vineyards Santa Cruz Mountains

ridgewineThis is one of California’s great wineries producing some outstanding, particularly single vineyard wines. It is worth looking at the website to see the full range. Chardonnay, both Santa Cruz Mountains and the premium Monte Bello, is in a classically Burgundian style, intense but restrained. Some utterly superb and very complex Zinfandels are handcrafted from a range of sources. These include the Pagani Ranch, which contains some Alicante Bouschet and Petite Sirah, and York Creek, with increasing amounts of Petite Sirah. There is also one of the best examples of varietal Petite Sirah (so often hard and unyielding). The great Geyserville red is usually around two-thirds Zin with both Carignane and Petite Sirah in the blend. A Syrah/Grenache blend and varietal Syrah and Grenache are also now produced from the Lytton Estate and, sticking with the southern California theme, Paul Draper also now produces a Carignane from Buchignani Ranch. The greatest Ridge wine is the meritage Monte Bello, unquestionably one of the state’s finest and longest-living Cabernet-based reds. Whether some of the newer Napa Valley super-premium examples will stand the test of time like these remains to be seen. (DM)

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Paul Draper 17100 Monte Bello Road, Cupertino CA 95014
Tel: 408 867-3233 Fax: 408 867-2986

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