Rudi Pichler Wachau

Rudi Pichler Wachau

Rudi Pichler WachauRudi Pichler’s wines are meant to be different, aiming for greater concentration and structure as well as ripe, intense fruit flavours. The use of indigenous yeast and higher fermentation temperatures can add an almost exotic quality to the riper styles. Yet the balance is excellent with good definition and minerality. There is real strength and depth in the top crus at Smaragd level, not the austerity of some but still requiring at least 5 years’ ageing to show at their best. Of the single vineyard (Ried) wines, both Kollmütz and Hochrain Grüner Veltliner illustrate his style very well. An intensely mineral Steinriegl, and an Achleiten with great length and class, do the same for Riesling. Blended Terrassen Smaragd Riesling and Grüner Veltliner are very good too and even Wachauer Federspiel wines, with cooler citrus flavours but no underripeness, show plenty of vigour and intensity. If less well-known than other Wachau producers, this is now a name to track down. Some but not all of the wines are rated below. Roter Veltliner Smaragd and Weissburgunder Kollmütz Smaragd are also notably made.

Rudi Pichler Wachau
Rudi Pichler Winkelgasse 38, A-3610 Wösendorf
Tel: 02715 2267 Fax: 02715 22674

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