Saintsbury Winery Carneros

Saintsbury Winery Carneros

saintsburyLong established as one of the top producers of the Burgundian varietals in Carneros. Volume has risen considerably since the winery was founded in 1981 with Pinot Noir accounting for the bulk of the output. The Carneros and Brown Ranch Chardonnays are serious and refined examples of the Carneros style. The By George Pinot Noir is a straightforward, fruit-laden example of the grape coming from a number of single vineyards. A small amount of Pinot Noir from the estate-owned, single vineyard Stanly and Brown Ranch are bottled individually. There is also a release of Pinot Noir from the Cerise Vineyard in Anderson Valley and recently a further Carneros single vineyard Toyon Farm. Despite the fact that yields reach a surprisingly high 3.5–4 tons/acre, the wines retain a really piercing fruit quality. The only other variety produced is a tiny amount of Pinot Gris and a rosé Vin Gris is also made. (DM)

Saintsbury Winery Carneros
Richard Ward & David Graves 1500 Los Carneros Avenue, Napa, CA 94559
Tel: 707 252-0592 Fax: 707 252-0595

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