Schloss Lieser Mittel Mosel

Schloss Lieser Mittel Mosel

weingut-schloss-lieserThomas Haag, who is the son of Wilhelm Haag (and brother of Oliver) of the Fritz HAAG estate, has been responsible for the much-improved quality that has revitalised this once-famous 11.5 ha estate centred on the Lieser Niederberg Helden site. His taut, intense and ripe Rieslings add richness and complexity in the higher Prädikat styles and with age. Auslese wines (there is typically more than one bottling) in particular attain the exquisite combination of finesse and richness that exemplifies the best sites of the Mittel Mosel. A mineral, grapefruit and subtly orange blossom Brauneberger Juffer- Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese can be excellent too, while a stunning Auslese Lange Goldkapsel has also been made from this vineyard. An occasional tendency to an excessive sulphur or sulphides taint can detract although most will lose this with additional bottle age. A little 3 Sterne Auslese and some Beerenauslese or TBA are made when conditions permit. The wines are reasonably priced.

❁ Schloss Lieser Mittel Mosel
Thomas Haag Am Markt 1-5, D-54470 Lieser
Tel: 06531 6431 Fax: 06531 1068

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