Spy Valley Marlborough

Spy Valley Marlborough

Spy Valley MarlboroughThis is a large Marlborough operation complete with winery, which stands out for the style of wines it produces at reasonably affordable prices. All the varietals show a fresh, exuberant character with good purity and intensity. This direct, expressive character contrasts with too many similarly priced Marlborough examples that suffer from being overly made, relying too much on yeasts, enzymes, sugar or oak. Nor are there any weak wines amongst those tasted below. The concentrated, stylish Gewürztraminer has to be the best ever produced in the region. The range also includes Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Rosé, Echelon Méthode Traditionelle sparkler and a number of late harvested whites. A number of wines are also now made under the Envoy label from single estate vineyards.

Spy Valley Marlborough www.spyvalleywine.co.nz
Spy Valley Wines Waihopai Valley Road, Marlborough
Tel: 03 572 9840 Fax: 03 572 9830

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