Steele Wines Lake County

Steele Wines Lake County

steelewinesJed Steele has enormous experience of the wine business in California, having previously been the founding winemaker at KENDALL-JACKSON. He established his own label in 1991 and he now produces an extensive range of reds and whites, with the top-of-the-line examples coming from an almost bewildering array of single-vineyard sources.

These are not only impressive and stylish but represent very good value for money. Chardonnay is on the one hand rich and opulent, on the other balanced by a fine mineral undercurrent, and there is an unusual late-harvest example produced from very low yields. The reds are supple, well-structured and accessible at a young age. They will however develop well in bottle. Writers Block and Shooting Star are the winery’s secondary labels, providing good fruit-driven wines at very fair prices. Often these will be ★, sometimes ★★ plus wines. The top label is Steele Stymie from which a Merlot and Syrah are produced which are not expensive (£E). (DM)

Steele Wines Lake County
Jed Steele 4350 Thomas Drive at Highway 29, Kelseyville, CA 95451
Tel: 707 279-8861 Fax: 707 279-9633

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