Sybille Kuntz Mittel Mosel

Sybille Kuntz Mittel Mosel

Sybille KuntzThis small estate of 10 ha run by Sybille Kuntz and her husband is a rising star in the Mosel. The vineyards are well established, primarily in Lieser Niederberg-Helden, and the focus is on dry wines. A regular bottling is surpassed by Gold-Quadrat and Dreistern. The latter has unusual breadth and depth for dry Mosel Riesling as well as a stylish mineral, herb and citrus character. While these wines are not in the classic Mosel mould, optimal ripeness is sought from the old vines and they do seem to work; the claim to be good food wines seems justified too. Even an Auslese Goldkapsel is produced in a Halb-Trocken style. At the other end of the sweetness spectrum there are small quantities of fine Beerenauslese and very sweet, very intensely flavoured TBA. Occasionally sulphur levels detract in some of the wines but this should be less of a problem with age.

Sybille Kuntz Mittel Mosel
Sybille Kuntz & Markus Kuntz-Riedlin Moselstrasse 25, D-54470 Bernkastel-Lieser
Tel: 06531 91000 Fax: 06531 91001

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