Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay

Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay

Trinity Hill Hawkes BayJohn Hancock is one of the industry stalwarts in the modern era of New Zealand winemaking, who first helped establish Morton Estate as a quality leader in the 80s before moving on to form Trinity Hill in the 90s. He has always produced ripe, concentrated, fruit-driven wines – powerful and full, and sometimes oaky in the past. Although the winemaking is now more sophisticated, it comes across as Californian rather than European in style. Trinity Hill wines ooze fruit and have great intensity and are usually well balanced, though they can taste a little ‘made’, especially at lower levels. Despite the fruit richness, some of the wines can be a bit one-dimensional. Elegance, subtlety and class don’t feature highly either but the wines have deserved wide appeal and success. Gimblett Gravels The Gimblett (a Bordeaux styled blend of Merlot, the Cabernets, Petit Verdot and Malbec) is concentrated and cedary with cassis and berry fruit. Also made under the Gimblett Gravels banner is a stylish Syrah as well as a Viognier and an Arneis. Super-premium Homage Syrah includes a touch of Viognier and is powerful and concentrated with fine minerality and depth. Trinity partners the Wilsons are owners of the London restaurants Bleeding Heart and The Sign of the Don.

Trinity Hill Hawkes Bay
J Hancock, R & R Wilson, T & Janes 2396 Highway 50, R D 5, Hastings
Tel: 06 879 7778 Fax: 06 879 7770

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