Viña Pérez Cruz Maipo

Viña Pérez Cruz Maipo

Viña Pérez Cruz MaipoThe first vintage at this winery based on the higher slopes of the Maipo was only 2002. They have established themselves though among the best from this, the oldest of Chile’s red wine regions. Their Liguai farm is blessed with finely drained alluvial soils with a high rock content and the resulting grapes offer real fruit intensity. Resident winemaker Germán Lyon works with consultant Álvaro ESPINOZA and between them a fine range of wines emerges. The simplest, the Cabernet Reserva is ripe and approachable. The Limited Edition labels offer an additional dimension and come from lower yields. The Cot (Malbec) is ripe and spicy with a nice tobacco scented undercurrent. It is lighter, with less obvious black fruit than you might find in equivalents from Mendoza across the Andes. Syrah offers an approachable dark-fruited style with a hint of black pepper. Best of the three though is the Carmenère, rich and full of dark and spicy brambly berry fruit and real intensity. The Liguai blends Syrah, Cabernet and Carmènere. There is real depth and quality with a rich, round texture aided by malolactic in barrel underpinned by firm but restrained tannins. The top red Quelen is a similarly structured, dense and even more powerful blend unusually dominated by Petit Verdot with Carmènere and Cot. Five years ageing will undoutedly ensure further development for both these reds. A further red Chaski, which is dominated by Petit Verdot is also made. (DM)

Viña Pérez Cruz Maipo
Viña Pérez Cruz Estado 337, Of. 825, Santiago Centro, Santiago
Tel: 56 2 639 9622 Fax: 56 2 632 3964

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