Vinícola Miolo Serra Gaúcha

Vinícola Miolo Serra Gaúcha

Vinícola Miolo Serra GaúchaMiolo is the slickest operation in the region and claims to be the largest producer of “fine wine” and Champagne-method fizz in Brazil. Michel Rolland advises on winemaking. In 2008 Miolo received 120,000 cellar door visitors. It also hosts one day wine courses. Brut Millésime is an equal blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, nicely balanced and very well made. The whites are clean and simple. The red wines are very much in the Rolland style, all ripe fruit and new oak. Quinta do Seival Casta Portuguesas is from Campanha Gaúcha vineyards near the border with Uruguay, 500km from Bento Goncalves, where altitude and rainfall are both lower and the average temperatures are higher. A light Pinot Noir is also made. (SG)

Vinícola Miolo Serra Gaúcha
Vinícola Miolo RS 444, Km 21 Vale dos Vinhedos
Tel: +55 54 2102 1500

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