Weingut Fritz Haag Mittel Mosel

Weingut Fritz Haag Mittel Mosel

weingut-fritz-haagThis historic estate known as Dusemonder Hof of 14 ha produces some of the finest, most elegant Rieslings in the Mosel from the heart of its one of its greatest sites, Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr. The village of Dusemond was only renamed Brauneberg in 1925 due to the fame of its vineyards. Wilhelm Haag is not only one of the region’s leading winemakers but also a leader in promoting quality throughout the region. A seamless succession seems assured as his highly competent winemaker son Oliver Haag, who revitalised production at WEGELER, assumed control in 2005.

The wines start out very taut and concentrated with a remarkably fine, minerally intensity and gradually open out with age. There is increasing weight and richness in Spätlese level and higher, culminating sometimes in a small amount of Beerenauslese or TBA. Bottlings of Spätlese wines and higher from individual numbered casks are also made and prices vary according to the considered quality of each. A cool, floral, appley QbA is a decent basic. Oliver’s brother Thomas makes excellent wines at SCHLOSS LIESER.

Weingut Fritz Haag Mittel Mosel www.weingut-fritz-haag.de
Oliver Haag Dusemonder Strasse 44, D-54472 Brauneberg
Tel: 06534 410 Fax: 06534 1347

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