roatia is a land of more than a thousand islands, and also a land of vineyards, with more than 300 geographically defined wine districts. The two primary wine regions, Primorska Hrvatska (“coastal Croatia”) and Kontinentalna Hrvatska (“continental Croatia”), are divided into a total of 12 sub regions, themselves further divided into smaller vinogorje or wine hills, which spread northeast from the Dalmatian coast to the plains of the Danube River. It was here that the Zinfandel was supposed to have originated although this may be disputed by the people of Puglia in Italy!

In a way, Croatia is still work in progress for us, but we do now have sufficient information to list a few producers here.

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A to Z of producers 

Ilock Wine Cellars (Croatian Danube Region)
Kabola Winery (Istria)
Vina Laguna (Istria)


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