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s well as the established wine countries and regions a scan of the map will give an indication as to the scope of European wine growing. In Wine behind the label our focus naturally is to support the exciting, emerging regions and nations
rather than waste space on those perenially under-achieving countries (those that continue to service the bulk and own-label market places rather than seek to establish any quality reputation of their own). Happily England finds a place as one the promsing band, where the greatest potential for fine wine continues to be of the sparkling variety. Luxembourg too does fizz and some good aromatic whites while Switzerland has established quality credentials, if not value. Elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe isolated viticultural outposts suggest scope for the future. However it is the sweet wine renaissance at Tokaji in Hungary that best illustrates just what investment, technology and a commitment to excellence can achieve. In a drier vein, the majority of the premium reds and whites come from Greece and Slovenia where top quality producers have made the most of the potential afforded by site and climate.


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