uietly but assuredly wines of world class quality are emerging from this small, outwardly looking and progressive European star. Of three main wine regions, west is best. Known as Primorska it encompasses the wine producing areas of (Goriska) Brda, Kras, Istria and Vipava. Most impressive are the wines made in Brda, in the western hills that form the border with Italy. In fact the Collio hills of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, source of the Slow Food coined ‘super whites’ extends into Slovenia. And there’s no less potential here. There are growers with vineyards in Italy just as there are Italian producers with vineyards in Slovenia. The likes of Edi Simcic, Marjan Simcic, Batic and others deserve to be as familiar to wine drinkers as Italy’s Jermanns, Gravners, Vie di Romans and the like. In fact, Gravner and his radical non-interventionist winemaking philosophy is an inspiration for many. For some at least this equates to no temperature control or yeast addition, and often prolonged skin maceration or even vinification on the skins, for the white wines. Others follow a more conservative approach but the best all favour hard work in the vineyard for the best results. Winemaking is also undergoing significant changes in Slovenia’s more northerly and eastern regions. Podravje which is centred on the valley of the Drava river, in part close to the Austrian border makes significant quantities of mostly sweet and sparkling styles. To the south, Posavje extends along the Sava river, near Croatia.

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Batic (Vipava)
Gomila (Northeast Slovenia)
Edi Simcic (Brda)
Valter Sirk (Dobrovo)
Zanut (Brda)


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