Champagne Jayne finally wins her trademark legal case against Comite Champagne

Champagne Jayne finally wins her trademark legal case against Comite Champagne

In a modern tale of David vs Goliath, Jayne Powell, aka “Champagne Jayne” has won a long-standing trademark dispute against the Comité Champagne (CIVC) over whether she could continue in business using what turned out to be her controversial monicker. 

The dispute has been played out over the last five years with the CIVC first taking legal action against Powell as far back as 2013. The basis of the case was that the CIVC claimed she was was potentially misleading the public and infringing its own trademark as she did not exclusively only talk about and write about Champagne.

The legal case went to and fro various courts before being heard in Australia where Powell lives.

Powell’s career has effectively been on hold for the last five years as she has had to invest all her time and savings in to fighting the case against the CIVC. She had built up a strong following on social media and was one of the trade’s pioneers on Twitter with her annual #champagneday events that took place around the world.

She won a series of awards including the Gourmand 2011 Best French Wine Book for her Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes: Behind the Bubbles and in 2012 she was named Harper’s 2012 International Champagne Educator of the Year. She was also made a Dame Chevalier de L’Ordre des Coteaux in 2012.

It looked like Powell had won the case in  October 2015 when an Australian Federal Court judge ruled in her favour but the CIVC objected further about the use of her trademark. That was finally quashed in April when IP Australia granted her request but it has only finally approved  by the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks on May 25 2017.

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