Chile and Argentina enjoy flying sales in UK off-trade

Chile and Argentina enjoy flying sales in UK off-trade

South American wines from Chile and Argentina were the two stand out performers in the UK off-trade in the last year, according to the latest figures from IRI.

Chile’s performance saw enter the top five best selling countries in the UK for the first time with sales up 4.5% by value to £441 million in the 52 weeks to October 8 2016. This is up from £422m in 2015.

What’s more it was the only country in the top five nations to see any value growth. It has to thank its performance in the convenience sector for its boom in sales, as well as the performance of leading brands such as Concha y Toro’s Casillero del Diablo brand which was up 37% and Cono Sur up 11.3%.

Argentina enjoyed a sales boost of some 34.1% which cements positive growth for the last few years. New Zealand was the only major wine country in growth in the UK with sales up 13.1%.

Other key statistics from the report are:

* Australia, which still has more than £500m value sales than any other country, saw its sales dip 0.9% to £1,153.1m.

* Italy had a disappointing year, Prosecco aside, dropping  7.9% to £642.7m.

* The US was also down 6.3% to £633.5m.

* South African sales were down 8.5%.

* Spain dropped 10.3% to £401.1m.



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