Fourcas Dupré bought by a Breton entrepreneur.

Fourcas Dupré bought by a Breton entrepreneur.

Ch. Fourcas-Dupré Listrac

On July 31, 2019, Gérard Jicquel acquired Château Fourcas Dupré in Listrac-Medoc. This French entrepreneur is a co-founder and partner (with Christian Roulleau who acquired Château Dauzac in Margaux at the beginning of the year) from the group SAMSIC, leader of integrated services to companies and sponsor of the Arkéa-Samsic cycling team.

This very discreet Breton seeks to develop his investments in France. “For me it is a return to the earth,” he says exclusively for

“I am passionate about wine, especially tasting, with a passion particularly for the red wines of Bordeaux and the white wines of Burgundy. I have so wanted to invest for a very long time in a vineyard, looking at different opportunities, but it is Fourcas Dupré that I chose” says this passionate.

Château Fourcas Dupré, located on the highest point of the Medoc, at the place Fourcas, on an altitude of nearly 42 meters, extends to about 60 hectares of which 47.5 hectares have vines planted in one lot. Owned by the Pagès family since 1970, they mandated the Crédit Agricole to sell the estate.

“I am attached to the earth and to men and the story of Fourcas Dupré pleased me. It is a very beautiful area that can grant a real margin of progress. I have ideas and I will enter a phase of investment and recruitment of a director.  We will invest in the cellars and in the vineyard. It’s a heritage investment that I want to keep on long term “concludes the new owner before adding” I’m really happy! ”

And we’ll believe it! After all, all you need is to throw a bit of money at it!

Yohan Castaing

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