Jascots shines light on which countries and varieties are selling most on London wine lists

Jascots shines light on which countries and varieties are selling most on London wine lists

It can often be hard to really know what wine is selling in the UK premium on-trade as there is not many data or independent research on the sector.

Step forward Jascots Wine Merchants which has for the second year carried out an independent assessment of 240 wine lists in London and analysed the countries, grape varieties and price points of the 18,640 wines covered. 

Its first conclusion was that the average size of wine lists are going down. This is something we can arguably see for our own eyes but its research shows there was a near 10% decline, from 76 to 68 of the average number of wines on the lists it surveyed.

The highlights of the research were: 

  • Sparkling wine is the fastest growing category overall which matches up to national trends. Jascots own data shows sparkling sales were up 24% in 2016.
  •  English sparkling wine has replaced Cava with the third largest number of listings from the 60 wine lists surveyed. Up an impressive 27% between 2015 and 2016.

  • Champagne is down 14%, Italy is flat and England is up 27%.

  • Old World wines make up 73% of lists with the biggest shares going in descending order to France (up 5%), Italy (down 7%), Spain (up 1%), Australia (down 8%), the US (up 4%), South Africa (up 2%), New Zealand (down 10%), Chile, Argentina, Germany, Austria (down 8%) and Portugal (down 3%).
  • The biggest movers are Chile up 21% in its individual share, Argentina 10%

 Key white wine trends 

  • Chardonnay is the biggest variety appearing on 23% of lists up 14%.
  • Chardonnay has 16% of lists in restaurants with lists between £50-£150 and average price of £88.86.
  • Sauvignon Blanc was down 8% decline to around 12% of listings.
  • There is a growth in lighter, aromatic, seafood-friendly wines such as Albarino, Picpoul, Cortese and Verdejo.  They might all have less than 5% share of all lists but Albarino is up 24%, Picpoul by 35%, Cortese 16% and Veredjo 17%.
  • Jascots predicts good sales for Fiano, Falanghina in 2017. 
  • Viognier was up 26% in listings, but again below a 5% share. 
  • Riesling was down 13%, and Chenin Blanc down 19%. 

Red wine highlights

  • Rhône varieties and blends are fairing better than Bordeaux blends and are likely to do so again in 2017.
  • Accounting for 1,529 wines and 18.8% of red wine listings versus 1,318 wines and 16.2% of red listings respectively.
  • Gamay (up 44%), Grenache (up 27%), Carignan (up 38%) and Mourvèdre (up 24%) are all doing well.
  • Cabernet/Merlot blends are up 101% and now have the third highest share of listings at around 7% behind Grenache Syrah blends (down 11%), just over 7% and Pinot Noir, by far the biggest performer with 17% of listings and a 8% growth in 2016.
  • In restaurant with lists of £50 to £150, Pinot Noir saw a 12% share of listings and average price of £93.77, just above Cabernet/Merlot blends at £93.76 and a 4.9% share.
  • The highest price wine on lists between £50 and £150 is Nebbiolo with an average price of £95.58, with other Italian varieties doing well with Corvina £93.21 and Sangiovese £88.45 and a 3% share of lists.
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