News from South Africa, France and Australia

News from South Africa, France and Australia

South African Wine Industry Recently Faced Further Total Alcohol Ban

The South African wine business recently faced a further 14 day ban on alcohol sales since the start of the pandemic last year. Vinpro, a non-profit company representing close to 2,600 South African wine producers, cellars and industry stakeholders noted, in a recent statement, that while they understand the need for desperate measures around the COVID pandemic that without financial support by government it was “simply not a viable option” to shut down an entire industry. They warn about the “dire consequences” another alcohol ban, or restrictions on wine sales, would hold for related businesses and the livelihoods of those working in the South African wine industry value-chain.

Due to this ban Fairview Estate (Paarl), South Africa were once again forced to suspend all wine deliveries until further notice. In the meantime, Fairview is making arrangements to ensure that all wine either out for delivery or that which has not yet left the premises will be stored securely, in ideal cellaring conditions.   A logistical issue that no doubt many are facing. A difficult time indeed for the wine industry in South Africa.

News of Flowering 2021 in Champagne and the Northern Rhone

Champagne Deutz report “After what was a rather unsettled spring, the weather appears to be back on track”. The first flowers appeared on 3 June. Temperatures remained high resulting in an even flowering across the board for the Chardonnays on 14 June followed by the Pinot Noirs on 15 June and their Meuniers on 18 June. The high temperatures enabled flowering to take place quickly and in good conditions. This bodes well for the harvest! You can read the full statement here:  Champagne Deutz – Flowering 2021 (EN) 

Delas Frères Vineyards report they “had to wait until week 23 for flowering to be fully underway in the vineyards in 2021. Every year brings new surprises for us so let’s take a look back at the beginnings of this new vintage in our Northern Rhône vines….” You can read the full statement here:  Maison Delas Frères – Flowering 2021 (EN)

The Margaret River Wine Region, Western Australia

Wine behind the label 12th Edition covers 25 producers from this fascinating Wine Region in Western Australia. The Margaret River Wine Association (MRWA) have shared with us a Margaret River Wine video highlighting the distinctly unique coastal positioning of this wine region. “The breath-taking landscapes, sensitive vineyard shots and seafood imagery speak for themselves, this film captures a number of affiliated sensory pleasures within the sound, visuals, and textures”.

You can watch it here.

With this film the MRWA “acknowledge the Wadandi People (Saltwater People) as the traditional owners of the land, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging”. 

Film credit:  Received from MRWA, creative work of Mark Boskell (Director), Darren McCagh – Farmhouse Films (Director of Photography and Editor), and Sophie Mathewson (Producer). The local team outsourced a sophisticated sound design from Envelope Audio.



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