Tempranillo on course to be Spain’s most widely planted grape variety

Tempranillo on course to be Spain’s most widely planted grape variety

Plantings of Tempranillo in Spain are becoming so prevalent that they are closing in on Airen as the country’s biggest grape variety, according to the American Association of Wine Economics.

It shows that over the course of 2000 to 201 plantings of Tempranillo went up by around 12,000 hectares, compared to a fall of nearly 14,000 hectares of Airen.

Total plantings of Airen were 252,364 in 2010 compared to Tempranillo’s 207,677.

The two varieties are by far Spain’s biggest varieties with Bobal third with 80,120 hectares.

The AAWE figures over the decade also illustrate the slow move towards more international grape varieties at the expense of indigenous varieties.

Whilst Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc are all increasing, with the first three by over 1,000 hectares, there were declines for Garnacha Tinta, Bobal, Cayetena Blanca, Palamino Fino, Pedro Ximenez, and Chelva.

That said the top varieties in 2010 were still outside of Tempranillo and Airen:

3rd: Bobal 80,120 hectares

4th: Garnacha Tinta: 70,140

5th: Monastrelll 58,406

6th: Cayetena Blanca 39, 593

7th: Macabedo 38, 417

8th: Cabernet Sauvignon 22,237

9th: Syrah 20,000

10th: Alic Henri Bouschet 19,551

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