US remains biggest export market for Burgundy for fourth year running

US remains biggest export market for Burgundy for fourth year running

Americans are amongst the biggest fans of Burgundy, and the US remains the biggest importer of  wine from the French region for the fourth consecutive year, according to the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB).  

Burgundy accounted for nearly a quarter (23%) of the value and just over a fifth (21%) of the volume of total exports, and has been the largest export market for Burgundy since 2014. 

Wines from Burgundy account for 13% of the total volume of French AOC’s exported to the US, and 16% of turnover.   Total US imports of Burgundy came to 16.5 million bottles, a 3.4% increase on 2015, with a value of 188.5 million Euros, up by 3.5% on the previous year.  

White wines lead the way in volume terms, accounting for 64% of exports, while reds and roses made up 27% and Cremant de Bourgogne the remaining 9%.  

Nearly a quarter of the value of Burgundy’s exports are destined for the US market

The strong 2015 vintage as well as a favourable euro/dollar exchange rate helped boost the French region’s US exports.   And early figures from 2017 indicate that the positive trend is continuing, with a 14.3% increase volume and a 24.5% increase in value for the first three months of the year compared to the same period in 2016.  

White Régionale Bourgogne AOC account for nearly a third (31%) of US sales volume and 29% of the value followed closely by the Régionale white Mâcon AOC (24% of volume and 12% of value) and various Chablis AOC (21% of volume and 19% of value).  

Imports of red wines increased (+ 2.2% in volume over 2015) to 43% of the turnover of Bourgogne wines in the USA. The red Régionale AOC accounts for 68% of Bourgogne red wine volumes and 42% of value.  

According to a BIVB 2015 survey of 422 restaurants across 21 states in the US, 64% offer Bourgogne wines. Of these, 74% offer Côte de Beaune wines, followed by Chablis and those of Côte de Nuits. Bourgogne wines also have the most number of references per establishment, and the largest proportion of French wines on offer  

However, in spite of its prestigious reputation Burgundy is the only French wine region whose name is translated in each country where it is exported. The BIVB is now on a mission to get the wines known by their French iteration  Bourgogne. In a press release, it said: “This mark of origin is already worn by nearly all of the wines, whether in the appellation name or as a reference to the region of production. By maintaining this one identity, Bourgogne can assert itself as an exemplary brand with consumers the world over.”

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