The World’s Oldest Twins Advice if You Want to Live a Long Life: Drink a Glass of Wine a Day

The World’s Oldest Twins Advice if You Want to Live a Long Life: Drink a Glass of Wine a Day

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The world’s oldest living twin brothers, Paulus (l.) and Pieter Langerock from Belgium, 102, drink wine while sitting in their living room at the Ter Venne care home in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium. Source:

Want to live past 100 years old? Enjoy a glass of red wine every day.

That’s the advice of the world’s oldest living twins, Pieter and Paulus Langerock, who are 102 years old.

The Belgian brothers say that a daily drink is key to long life, alongside friendship and keeping everything in moderation.

And they said that avoiding chasing after women is also important.

When asked the secret to living to old age, Paulus replied: “Don’t do anything foolish, don’t drink too much, eat too much, go out too much.

“Don’t run after women too much. Get married, get married. The best piece of advice is to marry a woman you love, and have her children.”

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The Langerock twins in an undated archive photo. Source:

But despite their advice to get hitched, the pair have never married because they’ve always disapproved of each other’s choice of partner.

The brothers were born on July 8, 1913 — one year before the start of World War I — and describe each other as best friends, reported The Sun.

The pair enjoyed long careers as court magistrates, and now spend their days relaxing in a retirement home close to the city of Genk.

But while they are the world’s oldest living twin brothers, they have another three years to go to break the record of U.S. brothers Glen and Dale Moyer, both of whom lived to the grand old age 105.

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